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D course(Indigo Wave Promenade)
A course(Light & Wind Promenade)
B course(Blue Snow Crab Promenade)
C course(Mokeun Promenade of Contemplation)

Jangsa Beach

Located along the No. 7 national highway in Jangsa-ri, Namjeong-myeon, Jangsa Beach is distinguished for its thick and no-stick sand grains. So, walking the sands on Jangsa Beach is very good for cardiovascular health. Jangsa Beach boasts of the best sunrise nationwide and is only 5-minute distance from Bugyeong Hot Spring that has the best water quality.

The memorial in the vicinity was erected on the Jansa landing operation site at the time of Korea War and has the vestiges of history, serving as the place of learning for students.

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