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A course. Light & Wind Promenade. 17.5 kilometer 6hours

Mountain path dreaming of the sea Light & Wind Promenade

Walking is to interchange and share warmth with residents and other travelers.

Regardless of what the geography is like, where the path is located or what the scenery is, there is a time when just being there and walking the path is of value.

Someone said walking is living at the speed of nature. Blueroad in Yeongdeok is the best way to know, understand and feel Yeongdeok. It is the best road to plant Yeongdeok deep in your heart.

I start at Snow Crab Row of Gangguhang Port. I take the road by Ganggu Church and head for Gobulbong Peak with the port behind me. I take a breath, turn around and look down to see Ganggu Village.

I turn my sights a little and there is Samsa Marine Park. It was a short walk, but there is a great view below. Now, I follow the signs and hike a bit faster.

There aren't any rocks, but it's still a mountain path. Someone said a trail is the best way to hike since it doesn't burden your legs. Upon passing Geumjin Road, I can see Gangguhang Port, the breakwater and Samsa Marine Park.

At the summit of Mt.Bonghwasan, I enjoy some exercise and rest on a bench in the shade of pine trees. The scent of the pines sweeps over me with force. It's a nice shower of phytoncides.

After about an hour of walking, a viaduct appears. If this was a path in town, it would be an overpass, but this is a sky bridge over the road. As before, the road from the viaduct to Gobulbong Peak is a continuation of ups and downs.

It isn't steep, so it's perfect for walking. It's a road that allows you to be free of all thoughts. There aren't many forks in the road and there's no need to worry about getting lost because of the signs.

Just follow the guide of the pine tree forest and you will reach Gobulbong Peak. Mt.Hwarimsan and Mt.Mudunsan extended to form Gobulbong Peak, a 235m peak that isn't that high. It was called Mangwolbong Peak before.

To the east is the Wind Power Generation Complex and to the west are Osipcheon River and the town of Yeongdeok. To the south is Gangguhang Port and in the distance, you can see Mt. Dongdaesan and other mountains.

It is a peak to get a panoramic view. After being exiled to Gosan Yun Seondo climbed Gobulbong Peak and wrote this poem. Gobulbong peak is high, but people think the name meaning not high is strange.

It is the highest and most exceptional of all the peaks here. What is the reason it is soaring above the clouds all by itself? When it comes to good use, it will probably be holding up the sky. Once you head down toward the Wind Power Generation Complex, it's a tough forest road.

It is difficult to walk in summer because there isn't any shade. There are pavilions here and there as if to signal you to take a break. Further along there is a national highway connecting Yeongdeok-eup and Hajeo.

Continue on the asphalt road and a road connecting the Wind Power Generation Complex appears. It is 7.5km to the complex from here. Walking is the most natural way to cure the body and mind.

When you see beautiful flowers everywhere smiling at you, it means you're near the Wind Power Generation Complex. The forest road I just walked is 5km. When you enter the complex, you will see the Sunrise Camping Ground.

I'm in love with the unique lodging buildings. They're so cute and cozy that I'm drawn in by them. Byeolbansan Beacon Mound.

There are two beacon mounds on Blueroad. Byeolbansan Beacon Mound in Course 1 and Daesosan Beacon Mound in Course 3. Across from the beacon mound, there is a white semicircular outdoor performance area.

When there is a full moon, small concerts sing of the mountains and ocean and echo in the air. I enter the center of the Wind Power Generation Complex route. The exterior of the New and Renewable Energy Center gives off force.

The entire 3rd floor is an energy paradise and presents green energy of the future. I pile up energy at the energy paradise and enjoy the energy tour. When I come out of the center refreshed with energy, I see "Yeokdaejeolliga" on the Shin Deukcheong Monument.

"Yeokdaejeolliga" is considered to be the first lyrical work and reminds us of patriotism. As I think about the great writer and the value of Yeongdeok as the origin of literature, I approach the main theme of the Wind Power Generation Complex which is like a amphitheater. There are 24 huge wind power generators and several gardens that are inspiring.

It is an all-inclusive complex of energy, culture, history, sports and art. It embraces everything about Yeongdeok. Towards the entrance of the complex, I meet the Joseon Period's greatest writer through the Gosan Yun Seondo Poem Monument.

Blueroad Course 1 full of uphills is coming to an end. I walk downhill. I follow the scent of the East Sea.

When I leave the huge garden of wind, the East Sea greets me. I would like this wind to carry me into the generous embrace of the ocean. I can see Changpo Lighthouse, the landmark of Sunrise Park, along with the calm ripples of the East Sea. I followed the path of the wind and a vast sight spreads before me. It looks like a nice maze park directed toward the ocean. I dare say you can't say you know Yeongdeok and its true value without walking Blueroad.

Yeongdeok Blueroad, a road that embraces everything about Yeongdeok. I walked the road of my soul. A mountain path to dream of the ocean, a path of light and wind. Blueroad number 1.