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Yeongdeok BlueRoad is,

Yongdeok BlueRoad Theme Tourism Division Awarded Best Brand Grand Prize by 2015

The award ceremony, sponsored by Forbes Korea and sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, the Future Creation Science Department, and the Joongang Ilbo, is based on basic research through market information, It is awarded through rigorous self-study centered on life-related fields.

Yongdeok BlueRoad is a luxury trekking course with a superb view and walking through the blue sea of the East Sea. The beauty of Yongdeok Bay has been greatly appreciated by consumers and has been selected as the final destination.

A part of the 688km-long Haeparanggil stretching from Busan to Goseong of Gangwon Province, and is a 64.6km-long seafront promenade for the walking trip from Yeongdeok Snow Crab Park to Goraebul Beach via Chukusan Port.

Abundant attractions and food, including the scenic beauty of the blue East Sea, wind farm, Authentic Snow Crab Village, Chuksan Port, Goesiri Village, etc., are adding the fun to the travel.

Particularly, families or visitors accompanied with children, can look around in the Renewable Energy Exhibition Hall, etc., and gain the hands-on experience with the memorable environment-friendly eco-travel that highlights the importance of environment and natural beauty.

Etymology of Yeongdeok BlueRoad

Blue sea
Clear and blue sea (BEACH)
Way out of routine life (EXIT)
Energy of hope (ENERGY)
New light (LIGHT)
Travel destinations
Tourist destinations that people want to travel (UTOPIA)
Exciting places (EXCITING)
places with abundant legends and stories (LEGEND)
places with unique local culture (UNIQUE)

Courses of BlueRoad by section

Indigo Wave
Promenade(D course)
Snow crab park - Jangsa beach - Gugye port - Namho beach - Samsa marine commerce walkway - Fishing village folk custom exhibition hall - Ganggu terminal
14.1 km / 4.5 hours
Light & Wind
Promenade(A course)
Ganggu terminal - Ganggu port - Geumjin overbridge - Gobul peak - Sunrise campsite - Renewable energy exhibition hall - Wind farm - Sunrise park
17.5 km / 6 hours
Blue Snow Crab
Promenade(B course)
Sunrise park - Daetan Port - Entrance to Seokri Village - Authentic Snow Crab Village - Blue Road Bridge - Mt. Jukdo - Chuksan Port - Cradle of Nam Family
15.5 km / 5 hours
Mokeun Promenade of
Contemplation(C course)
Cradle of Nam Family - Mt. Daeso Bongsudae - Mokeun Lee Saek Memorial - Goesiri Traditional Village - Daejin Beach - Goraebul Beach
17.5 km / 6 hours

Information on BlueRoad

Guide signage on the road 1
Guide signage on the road 2
Guide name tag(ribbon)
Permanent road signage
Medal for Finishing the Journey on Yeongdeok BlueRoad
The medal inscribed with Yeongdeok emblem will be given to those who finish the travel on the BlueRoad(from Ganggu to Goraebul) if they have their pass stamped at each region.
Issuing Office :
  • Yeongdeok County Agency for Culture and Tourism : 054) 730-6533