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C course. Mokeun Promenade of Contemplation. 17.5kilometer 6hours

Travel road tracing the vestiges of ancestors Mokeun Promenade of Contemplation!

But seagulls have to fly and life has to go on. When a seagull has given up flying, it is no longer a seagull and when a being has given up on existing, it is no longer a being. A cup that was filled has to be emptied. Despair is not the end of existence. It is the true beginning. (From Lee Munyeol's "Portrait of Youth")

Blueroad Course C, I continue the journey. I'm on my way to the final destination. There has to be a beginning and end to everything. If you wanted to gain something from this trip, it's time to outline the answer.

Course C is a path of history and meditation. I walk peacefully along the path through the forest and mountain. It's the best path to walk with trees as your friends. I rush my footsteps toward Daesosan Beacon Mound for the best view.

From Chuksanhang Port, I head for Blueroad. It starts with a big old tree and a memorial stone marking the origin of the Nam clan.

I also see the historic site of the Yeongyang Kim clan's progenitor. Big cone pine trees extend freely along Course C.

The last set of wooden steps line up toward the forest path toward Mt.Daesosan.Mt.Daesosan is near the border of Chuksan-myeon and Yeonghae-myeon. It's near the ocean, so I'm really curious about the view it will have.

It became a historic site because of the beacon mound at the top. Daesosan Beacon Mound was an important means of communication in the Joseon Period.

It was preserved in a unique manner, so it's worth a visit. The shape of the mound and the view from it don't lack anything.

I catch my breath as I appreciate it. I head for the Mokeun Lee Saek walking trail. My mind is lighter just from leaving my busy life in the city. I walk a forest path for quite a while.

Short big cone pines surround me like a painting. I'm close to the walking trail. The golden fields of Yeonghae Plain fill my eyes. A loyal servant of the Goryeo Period, a scholar of humanities, a prime minister, the loyalty of not serving two kings, etc.

These are all descriptions of Mokeun Lee Saek. I think about life and meditate amidst his traces at his birthplace.

I follow the sign to the Goesi-ri Traditional Village. Hamchang Kim clan lived here when it was Hojichon. She was Mokeun Lee Saek's maternal grandmother. With memories of his childhood and unique insight, he changed the name of the village.

The Yeongyang Nam clan settled here since 1630 and 380 years passed since. I leave Goesi Village and head to Daejin.

To the left is Yeonghae Rotary and Songcheon River flows. The Yeonghae traditional market of 45 years was renewed as part of a modernization project.

Main products include roundnose flounder, peaches and snow crabs which are inexpensive. The 'Yeonghae Market Tour' begins this year.

Toward inland, Songcheongang Runway stretches out. It is where the National Aviation Sports Competition, will be held for the 5th time this year.

It starts with a fancy air show with 30 planes flying in formation over Goraebul, Daejin, Jangsa Beach and Osipcheon River. It is a great sight to see.

I can feel the coolness of the ocean. The ocean is peaceful at Daejinhang Port. At the end of the breakwater, there are two white lighthouses and red markers. The scenery is so clean and neat.

The sophisticated landscaping of the Daejin-2-ri fishing village combines with nature at night to create an exotic mood at the romantic port. The view of the Daejin-1-ri fishing village seems closer in the distance.

Gwaneodae is considered one of the beautiful sights of Yeongdeok. It's so impressive. This is a place to experience marine leisure and sports with help from professional experts. Daejin Beach appears in Lee Munyeol's "Winter That Year" and "Portrait of Youth".

It seems like peace and meditation has been at the coast of Daejin since the beginning of time. It is one of the top 3 beaches in Yeongdeok, but it's very quiet.

The white sand beach and Songcheon River show the true value of the beach. The pine forest leads to Goraebul Beach. I walked through the peaceful forest with flickering lights. I walked for 5-6 hours along the East Sea trail.

The cultural and ecological exploration route is about to end at the final destination. Wow, Goraebul...

It was named so because it seemed like a tideland where whales would play. It's because the ocean is vast enough for whales to play.

A main beach of Yeongdeok that embraces six villages in the Byeonggok-myeon area. Just as an eternal moment doesn't exist, all roads have to end somewhere.

I walked Goraebul Beach, the final destination of Course C, to end my Blueroad journey. The footsteps of people over time became a path and the stories on the path lead to new stories.

The life, culture and history embraced by the road became a 'cultural and ecological exploration route with stories'. Blueroad Course C. If you walked Blueroad, you truly experienced Yeongdeok.